Last week was more than only a trifle hectic, so all my goals vanished into thin air. Let’s try again!  Today, my SIL and I will go to our first Weight Watcher meeting. I hope it helps. There’s no time for any exercise today, but my goal is to do half a hour of bycicling on Wednesdays and Thursdays. That’s more than I’ll have done within the last five years!   On the long run I’ll have to lose about 20 kg of weight. My health is beginning to suffer from my overweight. My left hip aches for weeks, and whenever I have to climb a stair I’m catching for breath.   And I’m trying not to worry so much anymore (about my job, about the possibility to lose my job, about hub’s job, about him losing his job, about everything … I guess you’ve got the picture!)  Wish me luck!

      Well mum has just left so i finally have time to sit and blog but my report this week is pretty bad *G* I have luckily maintained my weight from last week but considering the foods we ate this week thats pretty damn good. I am restarting the meal plan when we get back from going home at Easter so i won’t be around for a week or so but i have been good and i haven’t been snacking in between meals which i’m pretty proud of but my exercise is non existant :)  Have decided my goal for the week is that i will take the dogs for a walk at home at least 3 times next week and that i will drink a litre of water a day, i really need to drink more water!  Hope everyone else is going good…:)

Well i had a great week food wise, i’m really enjoying the food plan setup where i can just follow it, and for the first time in my life i’m really following it measuring everything etc but i didn’t do any exercise at all this week, have had bad cramping and felt horrible so decided to just eat right this week and get into the exercise next week but i still had a pretty good week and i’m happy with myself. Highs: Highs for the week for me are that i lost 2.5kilos (5.50pounds) :) Yay!!! Lows: No exercise and Andrew came home with a chocolate for me (so sweet and obviously i couldn’t hurt his feelings by not eating it *G*) Aims: Mum is coming down for a week on Thursday so my aim is to stick to the food plan while she is here and not eat out to much and also to still exercise. Thats about it for me, have to decide what to do for Easter cos i want my eggs :) which is ok but when we drive home (8 hour drive) we always have junkfood to eat, and because i’m so bored i constantly eat in the car…have to find something a little more healthy but still yumm! Hope everyone elses weeks have been good, i like the comment option now to Leslie by the way and hope your back is feeling better Aleta, more so for your trip :)

      Welcome to Susi, soon to be our newest member! :)
      Hey guys, I am going to create a page that lists our goals and progress….make it a little bit more tangible, maybe? Anyway let me know if you don’t want to be on the page.

      Something that I have been thinking is that we should try to have actual challenges. So this is my idea:   The Rules: This week I will introduce a challenge. Those who are going to do it will post (either in a post or comment stating that they will participate) The first person to post after 7pm CST on Monday the 29th, who has accomplished his/her goal for the week, gets to assign the next challenge.  The same person can’t assign a challenge more than once a month. When you make a challenge, it can be anything that is _sane_….such as everyone works out at least 5 times that week….or everyone drinks at least 64 oz of water a day that week….or everyone stays away from chocolate. I hope you get the idea.  You can offer a reward if you so wish, however each person that accomplishes his/her goal for the week will get a nifty icon next to his/her name (if I can figure out how to do it) I reserve the right to deem a challenge as unhealthy or unreasonable :) You do not have to participate in these challenges.    Make sense?   So this week, I say “goals” (Mine would be to drink at least 20 oz of water a day, and excerise 3 times in the next week).  Whatever your goal is, it should be  attainable  but one that you will still need to stretch yourself to accomplish—and not something that you are already doing on a regular basis.  My reward to you: Its not much, but for those who reach their goals for this week can have a character named after them (or choose a character’s name-nothing crude!-)in one of my 3 universes. (Note: this is not a promise that the story(ies) will be written really quickly though! ;)

      I have company for the next week.  My thin, curvy sister and her lanky fiance are staying with my thin, muscular husband and myself.  *sigh*  I’m determined to still get into the gym a few times, but it’s going to be sketchy while they’re here.  The past two days, my eating habits have gone to hell.     Exercise:   Spent three hours in the gym last Wednesday.  Spent Thursday being very, very sore.  Friday did the “Flight of the BumbleBee” cleaning exercise, which includes me running up and down my stairs cursing violently at how messy Ralph and I are.  It WAS aerobic, though.  Saturday was spent wandering around Sea World for 7 hours.  I’m hoping I managed to get enough exercise that I at least made up for not going to the gym yesterday or today.     Eating:   Very, very badly.  I’m consuming a lot of junk that’s just not good for me because the kids have brought it into our home and I am weak.  :(  This week will be better.  I hope.  Still ignoring the numbers and trying to keep an eye on how my clothes are fitting and how I’m feeling.  

      I will be walking the streets of European cities and sucking down pastries.  So that’s half-positive (lots of walking and fresh air) and half-negative (the chocolate banana, the nougat ring, the crepes, the strudel, the …).

      I haven’t forgotten that I signed up for this. Let’s just say my attention was diverted this week and I have some catch-up to do.  I promise to join in very soon~!

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The feeling i get when i open the refrigerator and realize that not much is in there is the same sinking feeling that i get when i talk to certain people. and i’ll usually go back 5 minutes later to check again. yep. still nothing there.

Fly away if I could- Soar above it all and watch as it fell away to nothing. Let the current take me, blow me, flow me, twist and mold me, clean me- of all the dirt. I’d land, fresh, almost new, anonymous- And I’d start over.

Good news: finally registered for summer semester & got all of the classes I want/need! Bad news: for once my financial aid doesn’t cover all of my tuition OR the $500 I have to pay back to my dad so now I have to look into a student loan :/

Me: Right there with you.

      Well I haven’t really done all that well this week….though I have been taking vitamins and I have drank more water than I usually do (but not the 20 oz that I was hoping for). I haven’t excercised at all this week, but I have a *very* good excuse. Last Saturday I woke up with what I thought was allergies (allergy season is well upon us). Well I got worse as the day went on, and I finally thought…”hmm” So I took my tempature….yep, I was running a fever. Continued to run one on Sunday as well. And of course once I have a head cold it travels into my lungs…. When that happens, I don’t dare try to exercise because I start coughing like crazy, and start feeling really sick. At least this time, it doesn’t seem to have hit my lungs too hard….I still remember one time when I got really sick, was out of work for a week, and then tried to excersice about 3 weeks later and still got sick again! ACK! I think that time it took 2 months before I could truly excerise again….I think tomorrow morning I am going to try to do some stretching type excercises, so that I am doing something, but that its not too much for my body.